Tools & Publications

Here are some of the tools we've developed as part of our work. Feel free to download and use them for personal, educational or noncommercial use only. If in doubt about fair use, please contact us for permission (we're happy to share, but would want to know more about your plans).

Making Education and Career Pathways Work for Justice-Involved Youth

School & Main Institute's brief: supporting successful transitions from the justice system nationally. For youth with justice involvement, the path away from the system often isn’t straightforward or linear. It takes tighter cross-system relationships, well prepared staff, and creative personalized program delivery to provide the support these young people need to achieve longer-term educational and career pathway goals. LEAP youth are showing that longer-term pathway goals are within reach when systems work together. Click here to read the brief.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Wraparound Replication Cookbook

Hear firsthand from Massachusetts educators, students, parents, and community partners and look at the impact Wraparound strategies had on student performance and school turnaround in Massachusetts and what the research says nationally.

This cookbook is the result of the Massachusetts Wraparound Zone Initiative - it's the handbook people involved in the project wish they’d had when they first started and the one they can now write after years of deep and thoughtful work. Click here to view the cookbook

Youth Program Training Guides

Developed as part of a 3-year initiative with 28 Texas Workforce Boards, these guides cover many youth and partnership development elements. They include "Food for Thought" to help frame your work, as well as "Tools for Action" -- activities and materials you can use in training and strategic planning sessions. Call us if you need additional help. 

Other Resources

Our colleagues at the National Alliance on Mental Health created an in-depth manual for creating Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) for Youth which incorporates SMI's work on community mapping and other helpful strategies for making sure that youth with mental health needs receive the services and support they need. Visit NAMI to learn more.


In a Nutshell

Founded in 1985 at Brandeis University’s Heller School of Social Policy and Management, School & Main Institute (SMI) has grown into a nationally recognized, independent non-profit training and partnership development organization that has worked with organizations and state agencies in more than 35 states.


School & Main Institute staff and faculty have years of expertise as organizational leaders, program developers, trainers, and facilitators in the fields of education, workforce preparation, youth and community development.

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